Techni Water Jet Capabilities

The Techni Waterjet is a fast, efficient and cost-effective cutting process used for hard stone materials such as Dekton, Maximum Fiandre, Neolith, Caesarstone as well as Natural stone surfaces.

It has proven to be the most efficient answer for cutting and mitering these materials, as it increases material yield and operating efficiency,
as well as reducing costs when compared to conventional equipment such as saws.

We accept CAD images as well as XDF files and precisely format our machines in order to cut and achieve your exact measurements, after the fabrication process is completed we then clean, load and package with extreme care in order to deliver projects to site, on-time and ready for installation without issue.

Nasa Stones are today recognized as the cutting edge in modern stone fabrication and use TECHNI Waterjet’s innovative StoneMaster and Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump.


Discover Nasa Stone’s ability to easily and quickly cut any shape, including mitred or bevelled edges, from hard man-made stones such as Dekton, Caesarstone, Neolith, Maximum Fiandre or porcelain.

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