New dimensions in fabrication

Cutting of stone has advanced considerably over the last five years
and today the use of quality Waterjet services and fabrication systems
is as important as choosing the product you wish to use in large projects.


The key driver for change is being the introduction of ultra-hard sintered materials which are generally too hard to cut with conventional tools such as saws.


Examples of these materials would include products such as Dekton, and porcelains as the new generation of synthesized stones on the market present a variety of benefits to the end user.

Nasa Stones provides fast and effective fabrication services with techno-logically advanced tools that are built to allow for faster production and removal of bottlenecks in large scale, on time production projects.

Nasa Stones provides the finest stone-cutting craftsmanship in the industry and use the TECHNI Waterjet’s innovative StoneMaster and Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump.

As high end stone fabricators we have the capabilities to achieve any project from simple to advanced, Mitres, bevelled edges, cutouts, sink and tap holes, names, logos, stone floor carpets and intricate mosaics of any shape or artwork.

To explore Nasa Stones technical and fabrication excellence contact Samer  today.

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