A precise cut above the rest

At NasaStones we pride ourselves as stone work artisans providing
cutting edge fabrication solutions for the current trend of large format porcelain panels such as Maximum, Neolith, Dekton, Laminam, Quantum 6+ and others as well as natural marble and locally engineered stones.


We offer supply, fabrication & installation services for joiners, cabinet makers, stonemasons and facade solutions including complete kitchen benchtop and splashback with mitred & shark nose edging.

Also, cutting services for tilers, builders, tile retail stores, slab wholesalers, developers and stonemasons.


Using the latest cutting-edge Techni 5 Axis Waterjet, NasaStones provide cost effective solutions to the stone industry. There are numerous advantages of out sourcing porcelain panels or engineered stone fabrication works to NasaStones, such as:

• Great capacity to fulfil projects within tight deadlines

• Quicker turnaround

• Extremely accurate cutting systems

• Higher profit margins possible on projects

• Increases your capability to manage larger projects more efficiently

Nasa Stones specialises in Porcelain Panels & Natural Stone for large scale residential/commercial or cutting projects, offering personalised one-on-one service.

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